Step 1.

Register through this link if you don’t have an account – it will give you a better rate for first transfer:

If you already have an account, just log in.

Step 2.

Log in or register.

Step 3.

After you are registered, click on “Send Money”

After that, put in the amount you wish to transfer.

Make sure to pick “EUR” as the currency of the recipient.

Recipient should get exactly the amount as stated on the Order.

Click continue.


Click on sending to a new recipient “Someone else”

Step 5.

Fill the form:


Full name: Lars Bogaarts

Check the “I know their bank details” box and fill in the IBAN.

IBAN: BE32 9671 7739 7202

And confirm.

Step 6.

Make sure everything is correct.

Add the order number in the referance.


Step 7.

Choose your payment method and finish the transaction.

We will ship the order when the money is received on our account.

Any questions? Contact: